Who they are!

This beautiful family of nine from Middletown, Ohio, has embarked on the greatest adventure of their lives by becoming missionaries in Honduras. Brandon served as an Army Medic with the infantry for six years, and completed a tour in Afghanistan in 2012. Additionally, he was also employed as quality control for 15 years at Pacific Manufacturing. Wendy was a former teacher and also a coordinator at a women's home. They are currently business owners specializing in Health and Wellness. They were married in September 2012 and now have seven children. Together they have been apart of 15 short term mission trips to Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Romania, Tanzania and the Czech Republic. As their family has grown, so has their heart and vision to serve Honduras.

Their mission on the ground

While their mission home is continuing to be built on the property United Grounds purchased in the Santa Barbara Mountain region; They will begin learning the area and meeting the people of the small village in San Luis Planes which will help determine the needs of the people in the region. Brandon will also be assisting in medical and preventive care, as well as working alongside the pastors in the area.

The Roses

An update from the Roses

Each quarter, Brandon and Wendy share an update on life, ministry, and their needs for the mission.

April, 2021

Hello everyone! We would like to give you a quick update since we’ve been here. We are adjusting well! The kids have made many new friends and express daily how much they love it here. That makes our hearts happy! We've been able to financially support a christian teenager, Tania, who comes four days a week to help with cooking as she gives us lessons along the way, cleaning, laundry and teaching Spanish to the kids. This helps to further her education at the university. Tania is definitely a blessing and she fits right in with our crazy family! We've been able to provide remote villages with food; which many of you have been a part of that. We will continue to do this throughout the year as many remote areas are in desperate need! We broke ground on our house this past month and finished the foundation! Prayerfully, in the next few months we will be able to transition to the mountain where the ministry will continue in the area of San Luis, Santa Barbara! We are super excited about what God is doing and continues to do in us and through us! These lives are precious and to be a part of transformation here is a big big honor! We thank God daily for leading us to this land! Thanks so much for your love and support! We couldn’t do any of this without God and faithful prayer warriors and supporters!


Brandon & Wendy

July, 2021

Hello everyone! Always a joy to give you an update! We had our first group here in Honduras last month - The Mack Family, from Ohio, was able to experience the presence and power of God as they delivered food to the villages, spent time ministering to several children, as well as Pastor Mack also had the privilege to preach alongside Apostle Miguel with Wings of Mercy. What a life changing week for everyone! They were also able to help on the mountain and see the property in San Luis which they fell in love with! We are excited to have them back. Our house is still a work in progress! The outside structure is fully finished and the electric and sewer system is almost complete. Things have gone a little slower than expected with the house build due to numerous issues with our truck. With this set back, most of our finances have been in repairing the truck. Our plans now are to sell it and seek a more rugged vehicle for the mountains so we can finish the house process. We continue to raise funds to make up the difference, which is around $5k-$6k. Our goal is to finish the water and sewer and then be living on the mountain at the end of August while we finish the interior.. We know God is faithful as He continues to show us daily that we are exactly where He wants us to be! We are currently staying at Pan American Health services in Peña Blanca. This place has been a great preparation for the mountains. We’ve been able to help with some mini projects like gardening, landscaping, building a fire pit for the campus and have had many opportunities to connect with other ministries/resources. We’ve also been able to minister with the children on campus, ages 1-14 yrs old, from singing, soccer, swinging, taking walks, and our children interact with them everyday during their free time. They are building lasting friendships! Lastly, Brandon was able to attend the Generacion Impacto youth camp with 400 kids! What a powerful day of ministry and using his medical skills to be on hand for any medical emergencies! He was in his element! 

Thanks for all your love, prayers and support! 


Brandon and Wendy Rose

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